Composite Bonding


If you have old discoloured fillings we can assess your mouth to see if it is possible to remove these and replace them for a cosmetic tooth coloured filling. The material we use is called composite resin. They are made of a ceramic and plastic compound. Because resin mimics the appearance of natural teeth, these fillings blend right in. They are also known as “white fillings” or “tooth-coloured fillings.

The use of composite resin has many different applications in restorative dentistry from changing the colour and shape of your teeth to sealing over cracked parts of a tooth or simply filling a previously decayed hole in a tooth. It is an excellent material in terms of strength, wear resistance and cosmetic appearance and is becoming increasingly popular for these reasons. This type of treatment is seen to be 'minimally invasive', which means it is focussed on maintaining as much healthy tooth as possible, in most cases we will not have to remove any healthy tooth tissue at all.

Sometimes this treatment can even be done without injections but every case is individual and we will guide you on this at the appointment.

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Smile Fast offers predictable composite bonding results for your front teeth. 

One excellent feature is our digital trial smile - you get to see and feel your new smile before it’s delivered!


Come for a cosmetic assessment where we can take you through the smile fast journey.

It is a predictable process with life changing results. 


Stage 1: Design your smile 

SmileFast design & Consultation - A digital scan / impressions and photographs will be taken of your teeth. Using this information your new smile will be designed and a digital image will be created for you to approve.


Stage 2: Test drive your new smile 

Smile refine – your new trial smile will be physically placed over your current teeth using temporary material for you to see your smile in real life. Any final tweaks and adjustments can be made to your smile to ensure a perfect next step.


Stage 3:  Deliver your perfect smile

SmileFast direct - Your new smile will be fitted in one appointment; the process is pain free using minimally invasive techniques to deliver your dream smile.


Many people want a new smile but don’t know where to start, the SmileFast system has been produced by dentists to deliver perfect smiles at an affordable price. 


The process is quicker, it’s digital and predictable with life changing results.


Benefits of SmileFast process

  • Digitally designed smiles 

  • Predictable results

  • Minimally invasive

  • Customisable bespoke smiles

  • Affordable solutions

  • High quality alternative to porcelain veneers 

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