*** COVID-19 Update ***

Nichols and Fisher Have Resumed Routine Dental Care


We are incredibly pleased to inform you that Nichols and Fisher Dental Care are now able to return to the provision of routine dental treatments alongside our continuing emergency dental care provision but please note that we are working at a much slower rate and a much reduced capacity due to the continuing Covid restrictions. 

Routine examinations can only be booked through calling reception at the moment.

If you missed your routine check up over the last 12 months then please call us to rearrange it.

We will contact you to invite you to rebook your appointments that have been disrupted by the current Covid Crisis but if you would like to organise one sooner then please call our reception team to book. 

We have been forced to cancel thousands of appointments since the pandemic began and we ask that you please take into consideration this huge backlog we are currently facing. Alongside this we must now abide by new social distancing and cross infection guidelines, resulting in us seeing far fewer patients per day. Please do not worry if we have not contacted you yet, we are prioritising patients on a 'needs basis' and will be in touch shortly.

If you have any dental concerns or problems and would like to reschedule your appointment sooner please contact us and we will try to accommodate this.


If you have a dental emergency please call the practice before 10am on any weekday and we will ensure you have a consultation with a dentist on the same day. Most of our consultations are now initially over the phone and once you have been triaged by the dentist, we will book an appointment at the practice if necessary.

If you have a dental emergency whilst isolating or suffering from COVID symptoms, please still call our practice. Although we may be unable to see you in person, we can offer remote appointments and help you access face to face care through specialised COVID hubs where appropriate.

Please do not attend the clinic unless you have an appointment

Please do not enter our practice without a face mask on*

A plastic face shield will not be sufficient in this medical setting


A few changes we've made to keep you safe

PPE for Assessments
PPE for Treatments

At Nichols and Fisher, the most important thing is patient safety and comfort, and that is why we have spent the time of closure upgrading the clinic and introducing the following measures to keep our patients and staff SAFER than ever:

  • The clinic as you are aware was always a very clean and safe environment. However, we have placed hand sanitisers at entry points, upgraded our PPE and redesigned the patient journey in line with social distancing. 

  • We have installed a system that will ensure each surgery's air is changed 15 times per hour. This means between patients all the air in the room will be completely refreshed. 

  • We will be conducting pre-screening tests of patients which is likely to include taking your temperature on arrival. Please do not enter our practice without a face mask on, a simple face shield will not be sufficient.

  • We will be booking your appointments to ensure that the Practice and waiting areas are not overcrowded. We will do this by leaving suitable gaps between appointments, making sure that you can attend the practice while maintaining a suitable distance from one another in accordance with government guidelines.

  • We will also be creating clinics for patients who are most vulnerable, to help minimise contact with others for this group whilst they are at the practice.

  • To further avoid overcrowding when you arrive at the practice please call us to let us know you are here but we then ask that you wait in your car or in a safe place outside of the practice until called in. We will notify you when you should enter the practice.

  • To ensure good social distancing whilst in the practice, only one family group will be allowed in a waiting room at any time. If you turn up very early, we may ask you to stay in your car until we are ready.

  • We will ask that you pay using a contactless payment method and request no cash/cheque payments at this time. This crucial step greatly reduces touch points at the practice.

  • Between all appointments as always, the dental team will thoroughly disinfect the dental surgery, door handles and washrooms, reducing the risk of exposure to anything harmful while you are in our practice.

We thank you all for your patience during this difficult time and look forward to seeing you again soon! 

* Exclusions to wearing a face mask in our practice:

1) you have a specific medical condition and have been told by a doctor not to wear one.

2) you are under the age of 16.