General Dentistry


Most of our patients come to us for their general dentistry and this is what we feel we excel at.

Usually this will involve your 6 monthly or annual dental inspections and any treatment that results from the findings.

Dental Inspections


At Nichols and Fisher Dental Care we will generally recommend you come to see us every 6 months to a year depending on your dental need. These are used as a full dental health check and usually last around 15 minutes.

At the inspection we will thoroughly check:

- Your medical history

- Your brushing and oral hygiene regime

- Your smoking and drinking habits

- The soft tissues of your face 

- The soft tissues of the inside of your mouth

- An oral cancer screening

- Your oral hygiene

- The appearance and health of your gums

- Signs of any fractures or chips in your teeth

- Signs of any decay in your teeth

- Your bite or 'occlusion'

- Your tooth decay risk

- Your gum disease risk

- Your oral cancer risk

Perfect Smile

It is quite normal to have dental radiographs or 'x-rays' taken every few years. These are a very important diagnostic tool for us to check many parts of your mouth that we may not otherwise be able to see. We will always do a full report on the radiographs and follow up if anything untoward is noted on them. We will be checking the health of your jaw bone, teeth and any existing dental restorations on each picture we take.

If we find any problems we will let you know at the appointment and discuss the options that are available including the prices to resolve the issue. If in very rare circumstances we feel the problem is beyond our skills, we will be able to discuss referrals to other practices or specialists if required.

Dental x-ray
Dental Tools in Pocket