Tooth Straightening

At our practice we have a choice of two systems to straighten your front teeth for cosmetic improvement:
Invisalign: A well known, clear aligner system (Approx £3100)
C-Fast: A tooth coloured brace system, fixed to your teeth (Approx £2300)
With any tooth straightening we always offer complimentary tooth whitening at the end of treatment. 
To see what your smile could look like after Invisalign treatment - click on the link below to try the Invisalign SmileView Simulator:

(Please note this is a simulation only and is subject to errors - for an accurate treatment plan and 3D visualisation you will need to see your dentist for a full assessment and Clincheck.

Our Results

Please have a look at the results Dr Richard Nichols has achieved for some of his patients using the Invisalign system.
JW Invis Pics.png
LM Invis Pics.png






Invisalign Assessment

Watch this short video showing what is involved in our Invisalign assessment in surgery.

Invisalign Treatment

Watch this short video showing what is involved when fitting your new Invisalign braces.

C-FAST stands for: Cosmetically Focussed Adult Straight Teeth
It uses a fixed brace to move your front teeth into alignment to improve the cosmetics of your smile.
We may then whiten your teeth or use composite bonding to make small alterations to the colour or shape of your teeth.